Wednesday, September 21, 2011

...and I'm NOT a runner!

We met a wonderful woman at Time Out For Women named Laurel Christensen.  She probably impacted me more than any other. 

I just want to take a moment to tell a bit about her.  She introduced herself as a runner.  She admitted she didn't have a runner's body yet but she was indeed a runner.  She had actually recently completed her first half marathon!  Okay, she rocks!  Laurel told the story of how she was in an airport getting ready to board a plane.  It was going to be 2 flights with a layover inbetween and she needed something to read.  As she wandered the airport she saw a magazine that caught her eye but she dismissed it because it really wasn't "her" kind of magazine. By the time she ran across this magazine a third time she had to buy it and walked out of the newsstand with her first Runner's magazine.  She goes on to tell her story about hiding the magazine inside another one so no one would judge her.  However, by the time she arrived at her destination, she walked with a new confidence proudly carrying her Runner's magazine in full view and thinking to herself..."I'm a runner!" 

Here is Laurel's blog:

I loved her story.  I loved that she spent 2 weeks at the Biggest Loser Resort (okay...that doesn't sound like it should be called a resort) in Ivins, Utah before she began her journey as a runner.  Laurel also challenged us to do hard things. 

One of the main messages I learned from Time Out For Women is:

"Do not be afraid to try hard things because they help us rely more on the Lord". 

I came home from Time Out For Women and told my husband Jack about Laurel and how she is a runner.  Jack IS a runner.  Jack loves to to run.  For the 4th of July he ran a half marathon just on his own around the neighborhood early in the morning while the rest of us slept.  He did that just to do it.  He even loves to run in the rain!  Jack loves to run.  And Laurel's story gave him hope that I would learn to love to run, too.  He's gone out and bought me awesome running shoes that I happen to love and he's taken me on runs. 

Our first run was around the neighborhood.  I hated it.  It was on concrete sidewalks (before the new shoes) and running past a stinky dump.  It hurt my "already had 3 surgeries" knees and my nose.  Stinky!  So we've since run on the Russian Jack trails and I like that better.  I want to stop and look at the super cool mushrooms but Jack keeps me running.   I ran about 2 weeks ago and actually hurt my knees. That scared me!  I don't want a 4th surgery!!!   I haven't run outside since. 

Now Jack wants us to run in races.  I'm certain he envisions us running across the finish line of some marathon holding eachother's hands in victory.    So, I've tried to make this my goal too.  I even told people I was going to run in the up coming 5K while Jack runs in the 10K but I haven't been able to figure out how to register on line.  After all, this is a hard thing for me.  A very hard thing.  And I don't want to be afraid of it.

Well, it was just last night as I discussed the race entrance fees and the trouble I'm having signing up on line that I came to the actual realization that I am in fact NOT a runner.  By the way, just FYI, I hate to run.  I don't mind running for fun with Jack on his runs and even running to push myself and my breathing on the treadmill but I'm not planning on entering any races any time soon.  The thing is, I'd rather spend the entry fees on scrapbooking supplies or on more time with my personal trainer or on additional yoga classes. 

I told this to Jack and though it probably made him a little sad, it was like a lightbulb went off in my head.  You see, I have spent a great deal of time this past year reading stuff by fitness gurus, talking to personal trainers and my yoga teacher.  They all say the same thing,

"Find a fitness activity you love to do and then you'll keep doing it." 

Kinda reminds me of my need to enjoy the journey!  Well, I LOVE spinning classes.  I love them so much that I'm toying with the idea of getting my own spinning bike for home.  AND I have recently discovered that I love yoga!  I love other exercise too but yoga is my new favorite thing.  I'd rather buy some yoga classes than pay to run anywhere. 

So that's my story and I'm sticking to it!   "Hello!  I'm Wendy and I'm NOT a runner." 


  1. Love it! My talents lie in other areas.

  2. A 5K is the perfect first race! You'll do great, there is so much fun in the hype of a race, and you look FAB-u-LOUS!!

  3. You are looking good! Great post, Wendy!

  4. Wendy you look fab, running is not for me although I do try and get to the gym 5 morning a week before work, as hubby is a complete gym fanatic after losing a serious amount of weight in 2007! As soon as I hit forty a few years ago I seemed to put on weight instantly, I have never had an issue always been slim but I swear any choc I eat now goes straight to my middle so trying to be good to get into that bikini next year, take care, Doreen x

  5. I'm with you, not a runner. But LOVE Jack with Jack :)

  6. Hi Wendy, just popped in, hope you are well x