Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Story (Part 3) The Finale!

Fill 'er Up!

June 2010
As you can clearly see, blood transfusions are a LOT of fun!!!  Okay...NOT!  Seriously, I didn't feel anywhere near as happy or as perky as I look in these photos.  I'm just a HAM and definitely HAD to photo document this moment.  I was actually quite scared and physically drained.  I also honestly thought that as this life giving fluid was pumped into me that I would start to feel strong and powerful.  I figured I'd want to leap tall buildings and all that.  But you know what the truth is???  I threw up pretty much non stop all night!  Fun times!  Don't tell me I don't know how to par-tay!  By the way...that RED stuff is blood!  Bwahahahahahaaaa!  Does this make me a vampire?

Asta La Vista Baby-carriage!

Shortly after getting my tank topped off, my doctor and I discussed what to do next.  Did you know that a uterus has only one function?  Yep.  Its a unitasker.  Don't tell Alton Brown.  He hates unitaskers.  Its only function is to be a baby carriage.   That's it. age 51...I wasn't planning on using that carriage again...EVER!   I also don't take kindly to body parts that are bound and determined to kill me.  So since it was kill or be killed...the carriage had to GO! 

On June 30, 2010 my 19 year old, youngest son, Ben took me to the hospital.  He was so awesome!  He brought a game for us to play while we waited for what seemed like forever!  I was given one of those OH SO stylish hospital gowns and we sat and played games for a few hours.  Eventually the anesthesiologist came in to give his schpeal.   Talk about a pep talk!  He listed all the things that could go wrong.  Ben told me that really scared too.  So Ben asked to say a prayer with me.  Awwww!  I absolutely LOVE that boy!

Oh!  And how about that medicine they give you to make sure all your insides are totally clear of last night's dinner??!!!  Yeah!  It's a SCREAM!!!

Eventually they wheeled me down the hall and parked my gurney.  They made me hop off, walk across the hall and into the operating room and get my exposed fanny on another table.  SHEESH!  I didn't realize there was going to be a physical fitness part of the spa treatment.  Once I got situated I started to feel like I was suffocating.  I absolutely couldn't breathe.  The anesthesiologist had warned me I'd feel like that.  He told me not to panic but to relax and let him breathe for me.  I said a quick prayer and then let go.  I wasn't totally sure I'd wake up in this life or the next. 


Quite honestly, it seemed like I had only just closed my eyes when I was waking up again.  More than 4 hours had passed!  But I had the most amazing experience that I really want to share with you. I felt like I was wrapped in a cocoon of love.  You know how the Holy Ghost is often called the comforter?  Well, I felt like I had been wrapped in a big, warm comforter filled with the most amazingly pure love.  It genuinely felt like angels were hugging me.  All I felt was love and gratitude.  My first thought was that the anesthesiologist and my doctor had done a great job.  I was so thankful for them.  I was grateful to be alive!  I was extremely thankful for my husband and sons.  I love them so very much!  I was grateful for every person in that room who assisted me that day.  This was a super powerful feeling and I felt right from the beginning that it was something I should let everyone know...not that just I was loved but that we are all loved that fiercely.  One of the nurses later said this love I felt was drug induced but I have to tell you all right here and now, after a year and a half, I have a firm testimony that it was NOT from the drugs but from our loving Heavenly Father.  God loves us all so very much!  Though that loved feeling began to fade in a few hours, the memory of it lives within me.  Its something I will never ever forget.  It was also another confirmation that my life is worth living to the fullest.  No more eating myself into oblivion!

You Know What To Do!

The next morning my doctor showed up.  She talked to me about my surgery and how there were a few problems though nothing she couldn't handle.  She totally ROCKS!  Its a very weird sensation to have someone literally and actually look inside my body and tell me how very healthy all my body parts are besides the tons of fat in there that kept getting in the way of her instruments.  I figure she could have helped a girl out and taken a vacuum to all that excess fat but she didn't. She left that job for me.  Then she got all serious and said that I had been given a second chance at life. I agree whole heartedly!  She really didn't want to see me back there in another year with heart disease and full blown diabetes because of my obesity.  And I gotta tell ya, I'm SOOOO done with hospitals! 

I asked her what I needed to do.  She told me I know what to do.  Uh...HELLO!!!!!  If I knew what to do, don't you think I'd be sitting there in size 4 jeans???!!  I mean REALLY???  That's the best she's gunna give me??? 

My doctor thought about this for a moment and then offered me 2 choices.  2 is perfect.  Not too many to choose from and not too few so the choice is still MINE.  I could either go on the Mediterranean diet or the Biggest Loser diet.   She felt they were both excellent diets to start with.  She said both were sound and neither was a fad diet.  I didn't know anything about either diet and I had never seen The Biggest Loser on TV but I knew I could probably find the most stuff on that diet.  So I got several Biggest Loser books and began reading almost as soon as I got home from the hospital. 

Ben took a week off to take care of me.  I was allowed to sleep, walk to the bathroom and into the living room to sleep again on the couch.  NO STAIRS!  Not one stair for at least a week.  Ben cooked me anything I asked for.  He and I watched all 3 extended versions of The Lord of the Rings.  AWESOME!  They're really great watching them like that only I think I killed a spot on my bum sitting like that for so long.  Just sayin'.  We also watched all 3 Jurassic Parks and after that its a blurr. 

On about day 4 staying home I got up and exercised.  I started out with about 10 minutes of VERY SLOW walking in place to a Wii Fit game called Walk It Out.  I still use that game a lot only now I run on the treadmill while playing it. 

The Nuts and Bolts

So, here's basically what I did.  The Biggest Loser has an easy to follow formula. 

1.  Step on the scale.  Don't be afraid.  The bigger the number, the more you get to eat.YAY!

2.  Multiply that number by 7.  So I weighed 218 when I got on the scale.  Times that by 7 and I got to eat 1526 calories that day.  Not too shabby.

I started out eating what ever I wanted.  I just stopped at 1526 calories.  When I ran out of calories but didn't want to go to bed hungry, I ate a rice cake (about 35 calories) with a huge glass of water.  That always filled my tummy. 

Another tip: I literally ate Subway daily.  I stuck with Jared's lower calorie favorites on whole wheat.  I packed these sandwiches with tons of veggies, NO cheese, mayo or oil.  Just vinegar, salt and pepper, Parmesan cheese sprinkled on top and oregano.  I lost 40 pounds while eating Subway almost daily. can be done!  I only got the baked chips or the apples and only diet soda.

One of the things I think made this formula work for me is that as I lost pounds, I had to cut calories out of my day.  This meant I had to think about what I was eating.  Suddenly, that 300 calorie small bowl of ice cream had to be rethought.  I switched to Skinny Cow ice creams. 

Later, I began removing all the empty calories from my diet.   These are foods that still left me hungry after eating them.  I got to where I couldn't waste what calories I ate each day on something that wasn't filling.  The best part of this was I made this choice.  I ate the foods.  I knew what foods were filling and what weren't.  I decided what would go and what I would keep.  I also kept a food journal.  A really good one is at

I continued on this weigh and multiply formula until I got to where the calories were so low I just couldn't eat that little.  This is when I added more exercise.  I started with 1 hour a day and kicked it up a notch to 2 hours.  One in the morning and one in the evening.

I should mention that after major abdominal surgery, I had to take it easy for a while.  But as my body healed, I was able to work up to a full hour or more of exercise a day.  On Black Friday, 2010, Jack went out and bought a treadmill.  So I went from walking in place to walking on an incline on the treadmill.  I still continue to push myself to walk and even run faster.  The incline helps to really engage your legs. 

After I had lost 40 pounds, Jack and I joined a gym.  A friend of mine taught Zumba in a gym and she said that I was more likely to work out harder and longer at a gym.  There are so many distractions at home and too easy to step off the treadmill or turn off the DVD for a distraction.  She was right.  I love working out at the gym.   I also hired a personal trainer.  She got me reading a book called, The Eat Clean Diet by Tosca Reno.  I highly recommend her diet.  By the time I had lost 40 pounds I was ready to to make a bigger commitment to myself.  I still watch the Biggest Loser show. I find it very inspiring.  I own most of Bob Harper's work out DVDs.  He rocks!  But I was ready to significantly change my lifestyle.  I also learned that weight lifting is very important.  The more muscle mass you have, the more calories you burn.  Well, who doesn't want to burn more calories while they're sleeping?!!  I SURE DO!!!

So that's really it in a nutshell.  I push myself to exercise twice a day.  I work at eating clean and I lift weights regularly.  Lately, I've had to hide my scale.  Well, Jack's hidden it for me. I began to stress out a bit about how fast this weight is NOT coming off.  Did you know that stressing releases a hormone that causes your body to hang on to fat?  Yes!  That's SO NOT what I want!!!  So I had Jack hide my scale and I've been focusing on a new approach to weight loss. 

Here's my new philosophy: 
I've gleaned it from my yoga teachers and several books I've been reading lately.

First its all about what you eat.  If you eat healthy and fully nutritious foods that are filling, you are less likely to over eat and calorie counting becomes unnecessary.  Now, this means giving up foods that are deemed "Anti-foods."  These are foods that are high in calorie, have little to no nutritional value, are not filling and are actually damaging to the body.  Most if not all of my former flavorful friends fall into this category.  Its difficult at first to give them up but in a very short time your body will feel so much better without them that it will complain when you indulge in them.  I've found I don't crave them any more.

 Me! December 2011
So, it starts out with filling our bodies with healthy, nutritious and filling foods.  Then add cardio and weight lifting to your day.  By the way, Yoga is amazing for strength training!!!  When you are doing everything you are supposed to, in time, your body will become its most ideal self.  If we put a number on that, we may choose a number that will force our body to become smaller than it's ideal.  So, I'm no longer looking to become a certain number on the scale or a certain pant size. My body still has more fat on it than is its ideal however I intend on continuing this way of eating and exercise for the rest of my life.  The big pay off is in how good I feel!  In time I'll be at my body's ideal weight.  I just need to Keep it up, keep it off and be patient. 

I continue to look for alternative choices than food to celebrate and console myself.  The other day I hit the blues particularly hard.  In the past I would have plowed through a giant bag of M&Ms but this day I pulled out my iPod, plugged into all my favorite up beat music, tuned out everything else and scrapbooked.  I had such a wonderful time!  I was dancing and feeling really good after a few hours.  Best of was calorie free! 

I'm ever on the look for alternative things to do with friends rather than get together to eat.  Its a real challenge but its my new mission in life. 

What is the best thing ever?  Being able to tie my shoes.  Okay...not just tie my shoes anywhere but ON A PLANE!  Yeah!  That feels pretty doggone good.  Also being able to synch in that airplane seat belt.  Ahhh!  Not long ago I saw someone struggling to get their shoes on and tie them on the plane.  I remember how that felt.   I wished I could say something to them but I also know how it feels to have someone thoughtlessly tell me to lose weight.  All I can say is I feel better now in my 50s than I have in the past 20 years! 


Friday, December 30, 2011

My Story (Part 2)

"A certain woman, who had an issue of blood... when she heard of Jesus pushed her way through the crowd, came up behind him and touched his clothing.  For she said, If I may touch but his clothes, I shall be whole."  --Mark 5:25, 27-28

It's Just Menopause! (isn't it??)

In the Spring 2010, shortly after our trip to Utah, I began to have symptoms that I thought were probably menopause.   I had a friend who had described her menopause experience and I seemed to be going through the same thing.  So I didn't worry about it.  But there were a couple of people at work who noticed something was definitely different with me and that the problem persisted week after week after week.  They each sought me out privately and urged me to see a doctor.  I gave my standard glib response, "I'd rather die than see a doctor."  And I meant it!  I've had a couple doctor visits in the past 10 or so years and they always focused on how FAT I am rather than the problem which urged me to come see them in the first place.  One went for the whole guilt trip and another tried to shame me.  Both were very negative and non-effective in getting me to lose weight.  They both depressed me and guess who I turn to when I'm depressed???  You know it!!!  My best friends in the whole wide world!  Chocolate and Pizza!  My dear friends are always ready and waiting to bring me comfort and joy! 

Time went on...weeks even...and the problem persisted.  I began to be a bit concerned.  I still felt this was menopause but I didn't know how long I could keep this up and survive.  I began to focus on the New Testament story of the woman with the issue of blood.  On multiple occasions, when I was alone, I would envision the Savior standing there in the room with me.  I would then earnestly reach out with my hand to grasp onto the His clothing hoping that would remove the problem.  Of course, it didn't.  Though, I have to say I felt very close to the Lord during those times.

One day, about 6 or 7 weeks into this thing, when I was heading upstairs, I had to sit down and take a rest half way up.  By the time I got to the top, I had to take a nap.  It was then that I felt strongly impressed to Google my symptoms.  Well, I about freaked out when I found out these were most assuredly NOT caused by menopause.  The articles I read all suggested getting to an emergency room immediately.  I had no intention of doing that.  The thing was that my husband Jack is a union carpenter.  We have great medical benefits when he's working, but when he's on lay off status, we have none.  Jack had only recently become employed again and our benefits hadn't kicked in yet.  There was no way and no how I was going to an emergency room!  But I did feel impressed to check out the yellow pages for a doctor.  It probably won't surprise you one bit to read that I didn't have a doctor I trusted.  There was no one to turn to.  So I opened the yellow pages and hoped something would pop out at me.

POP OUT it did!  There was one Women's Wellness Clinic that seemed to have lights dancing around their ad.  When I called and told the very nice receptionist my problem she told me to go to an ER.  Nope.  Not doing that.  She then said they didn't have any openings for 10 days.  She gave me 2 other clinics to call in hopes that I could be seen sooner.  I called these clinics and got super rude receptionists who told me they were all booked for a month out or more.  So I called back the "nice lady" from the glowing ad and made an appointment.  I had already called Jack and found out that his insurance would kick in a couple of days before the appointment.  YAY!

I saw this doctor on a Friday.  She was a no nonsense kind of woman.  Right from the get go I told her I had no intention of sitting there and having her tell me how FAT I am and how I need to go on a diet.  I told her how I mistrusted doctors and have had very bad experiences with them.  I wanted the bleeding to stop and I wanted her to focus on that alone.  She looked at me a bit surprised and then said she'd find out what the problem was. 

I was poked and prodded.  Sliced and diced.   At the end of a very thorough exam, the doctor told me that she was testing for cancer along with a number of other possible ailments including diabetes.  She told me she had a suspicion that I might be a full blown insulin dependent diabetic by now and if that was the case, she would need to refer me to another doctor who specializes in diabetes.  She then told me that she would first address the bleeding and after that she would talk to me about my weight and what steps I needed to take to get it under control.  I felt that was fair. 

I did leave her office in tears.  That cancer word scared me to death.  My mother's respite provider was going through that and I had seen it's effects on a daily basis while I was still caring for my mother.  I called a good friend and cried to her.  Instead of getting the comfort I had sought, I was told to stop crying and get over myself.  I was told that my doctor wouldn't be doing her job if she hadn't checked for cancer.   I actually needed that.  I felt the longer it took the doctor to call me back, the less serious the problem.  I was thrilled when I got no call on Monday.

First thing Tuesday morning my doctor called.  "How are you feeling?" she asked.

"Fine."  I said.

"Really?" she asked

"Yes."  I said.

"You don't feel dizzy, light headed or short of breath?" 

OH MY GOSH!  I felt all of those things!!!!  I was particularly annoyed that I would be holding something in my hand only to find it on the floor.  I know I never let go of it!  "Yes!" I exclaimed, "I've been feeling all of the above!"

"Well," she began, "this is because you're running around with only half the amount of blood in your body." 

I didn't realize a person could run around with only half of their blood.  She wanted me in right away for a blood transfusion.  OH NO!  No way!  I wasn't going to do that.  "Is there something else I can do to build up my blood supply?"  My doctor told me I could eat lots of red meat, spinach and take iron supplements.  So I ran to the grocery store and stocked up on all these items. I mean, how long could this possibly take?  A day or two???  Man!  I'm dumb sometimes!  It was probably the lack of blood or something like that.  And by the way, I was still just PRE-diabetic.  YAY!

By noon that day, my problematic symptoms had actually increased.  I called Jack all scared.  He insisted I call the doctor immediately and get scheduled for that transfusion.  I was in the hospital within a few hours.  They insisted my husband drive me because I should NOT be driving myself. I should point out that through out this whole process I continued to work.  I really don't know how I did it and the doctor was horrified to hear I was driving myself every where!  "You could have passed out behind the wheel!"  She blurted out at me.  Calm down.  Obviously I hadn't.  That never occurred to me.  I guess my Guardian Angel was totally on the job looking out for me. 

Do you remember the drama TV show, Dallas?  They're bringing it back...JR Ewing and all! I saw it on an ad this weekend during the pre-show for a movie.   The thing I remember most about Dallas is their end of season cliff hangers.  Remember those?  Well...I'm afraid I'm going to leave you hanging on here for another day.  I want to do this story justice.  I have some photos to gather...YES!  Of course I have pictures! 

So I promise I'll gather photos and my thoughts and get back in here to finish up very soon.  But before I go I'll leave you with a special gift I received at that moment in this story.   Before heading to the hospital for my blood transfusion, I called my oldest son, Andy.  At this time he was a Marine, married and living in North Carolina.  I wanted all my boys praying for me.  DUH!  I even called my son, Tim's mission office and asked that he be called and pray for me.  I was scared.  The gift came just by the tone of Andy's voice.  He a tease and he's tough.  He doesn't let his tender emotions show very often but I knew when I got off the phone with my Marine that he still needed me.  (Okay, I'm crying here as I type this...just so you know...its hard to type with tears in my eyes).  But I honestly hadn't realized that even though they grow up, move away, learn how to kill the enemy with their bear hands--yeah...he's a MARINE, get married and have another woman who is vastly more important than their mother in their life...they still need their mother.  And as I mentioned in part 1, its not just a need but its really a WANT.  Its become a need by choice.  Before the end of that day I was told by 3 of my 4 boys that they need and want me around for a very long time.  My missionary wrote that to me in his next letter.  They might not need me to raise them any more but there are other ways to be needed.  It was a light bulb moment for me and it hit me hard.   It all started when I heard Andy's concern in his voice.  I knew I had no business ever thinking my life was no longer worth fighting for.  From that moment on I knew I would do what ever I had to so that I didn't depart like my dad.

We each have a purpose for being here.  There is always another we can uplift and love.  There is a reason for each of us to live long and healthy lives.  And I'm here to tell you that a wonderful life really CAN start at 51!


Thursday, December 29, 2011

My Story! (part 1)

I have had a few people ask me to write more on here.  REALLY???!!!  I find that amazing.  Last night my husband asked me for a favor.  "What???"  I'm always rather suspicious.  "Wendy, I need more Running with Scissors."  "Seriously?"  Well, I have to say I've had this particular story running through my head for quite some time now.  It's actually the whole reason I started this blog in the first place. But I'm a bit nervous to tell this story.  However, I'm asked about it often.  In fact, just the other evening I was at a holiday party and was visiting with a beloved long time friend and a brand new acquaintance.  Some how the topic of diet and weight loss came up and I said I had lost over 50 pounds in the past year and a half.  Its been quite a while since I've seen someone drop their jaw when I say that.  I've forgotten how much I enjoy that.   This acquaintance had to turn to my long time friend and ask if I was being truthful.  She said she couldn't even imagine me 50+ pounds heavier.   I think that's pretty fun! So here goes--here's my story. 

Ewes Not Fat, Ewes Fluffy

Do you all remember that refrigerator pin?  I sure do.  For those who don't, there's a fluffy ewe or lamb standing above the saying.  But let's not sugar coat this please. I'm sure I've applied far too much sugar in the past.  I was FAT.  Nope...not fat...OBESE!!  Yes this is true.  I wasn't Pleasingly Plump nor was a Perfect Just the Way I Was.  I was obese and in serious health trouble.  I have photos to prove it!

These photos were taken in Feb 2010 while on vacation in Utah.  Aren't these totally unflattering?  I keep wondering why the woman who took this one of Jack and me put me in front???  What was she thinking????  However, today I'm glad for it.  Those are size 24 pants people!  I wear size 12 today!!!  And I'm not done yet.  By the way, I included these unflattering photos of me because they were taken just before my transformation.

But, on with my story.  How does someone start out as a skinny ballerina (I'll have to go digging for a photo to prove that) and turn into Humpty Dumpty?   Well, as with many people, it starts with genetics and also with a Dad who wanted a junk food devouring pal.  That would be me!  I have this early very fond memory of the day Dad introduced me to one of his favorite treats,  a Root Beer Float!  I even remember what brand of root beer my dad said was the very best and exactly where I was standing when he shared with me his excitement over this deliciousness.  I had to have been either 4 or 5 years old.  So, let's just say if I wasn't born with it, I was carefully trained and coached to have a sweet tooth. 

I've spent quite a bit of time recently trying to map out the WHYS of my obesity.  I had probably been obese for 18 years at the time of these photos.  I gained 80+ pounds during my last pregnancy and never really lost it.  That number on the scale went down a few times only to go back up again.  I'm pretty sure I'm the heaviest ever in these photos.  I obviously self medicated with food.  Not just any food, mind you.  I was quite selective.  It had to either be chocolate or pizza or cake or ice cream or chocolate or cheese cake or hamburgers or anything with cheese or chocolate or cookies or soda pop or french fries or chocolate covered raisins or cinnamon rolls get the drift.  If life got the least bit stressful or difficult and it most certainly did, I turned to one of my many flavorful best friends.  Some times I turned to 2 or 3 of them in one sitting.  So I self medicated all my blues away.  And I obviously self medicated often.

When my dad turned 50 he married my step mother and found out he had full blown insulin dependent diabetes.  He died 12 years later from a heart attack which was a complication brought on by his mismanaged diabetes.    When I got his death certificate, I was also mailed my dad's father's and his father's death certificate and they all died from the same thing!  Wow!  It runs in the family.  Is this something I get to pass on to my sons?

In 2006, I was diagnosed with borderline or pre-diabetes.  Well, that's fun.  I got scared and went on the current "lose it fast" fad diet.  I lost a bit of weight and later, when stress came along and the fad diet failed me, I gained it all back and more.  I've been there and done that too many times to count. 

I have one other thing I feel a need to share.  In 2003, my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease and came to live with us.  I thought this would be a warm and fuzzy thing but it most certainly was not.  My youngest was about 12 at the time so I was still raising and home schooling my 3 youngest boys.  Its very difficult to watch a loved one deteriorate like that.  Alzheimer's has been described as the disease that kills your loved ones twice.  I have to agree.  There is a death when they stop knowing who you are and another when they finally leave this frail existence.  I was warned by professionals that my mother's Alzheimer's could suck me into a dark hole.  And it did.  I don't really want to dwell on this subject because its very dark, difficult and very sad.  But I do want to share that I self medicated myself a LOT during the nearly 5 years I cared for my mom.  Somewhere along that road I got it into my mind that I didn't want to put my children through this again when I was aged.  I had decided that I was doing my boys a favor by indulging my sweet tooth and leaving this earth as my dad did with candy and cookie wrappers strewn around the house.  Besides, they were growing up and very clearly didn't need me any more.  I was starting to deal with the empty nest syndrome and after spending the better part of my adult life as a Stay At Home Home Schooling Mom, I no longer had any real purpose to my life.  I had no mission and no real reason to stick around.

I recall one evening having a pain in my chest and wondering whether to wake up my husband or to allow the heart attack I thought I was having to take me.  I did NOT wake up my husband and I told God I was ready.  It was obviously not a heart attack but probably gas from all the junk I ate that day. 

I mention this dark place because maybe someone reading this might be feeling somewhat the same way.   I want you to know that I understand that dark place.  I've been there.  I lived in it and probably wallowed in it for years.  I had let my mother's Alzheimer's get to me.  The thought of going like that and putting my boys through that all over again was destroying me and my will to live.

Today, I want to tell you all that the dark place is a lie!!!!  It was that cartoon devil sitting on my shoulder whispering all those dark lies in my ear.  I never should have listened to him but I did.  When I share the next part of My Story, you will find out about the event happened to totally transform me.  There's nothing quite like facing your own mortality to realize you want to keep living.   Frankly, there are a LOT of reasons to keep living, a new mission in my life and (by the way) my boys still need me.  In fact, its not exactly that they need me so much as they WANT me around, involved their lives and in the lives of their children.   There is a wonderful and exciting life after 50.  Chocolate, cinnamon rolls and pizza are actually NOT my best friends!  Being healthy brings a wonderful GREAT feeling with it!  Its AMAZING!

Now go read one of my other (and certainly more upbeat) posts while I gather my thoughts to continue on with what happened to change everything and give me a second chance at life!  How about reading "Enjoy the Journey" because I gotta tell you, its all about the journey and we might as well enjoy it!  Or "Let's Hear It For SKIN!"  Our bodies are so remarkable!  By the way, I have less skin now than I did when I wrote that.  COOL!